Monday, February 4, 2013

New Year, New Products, New Locations!

Happy 2013 everyone! We just wanted to let everybody know that we are starting the new year off right with a ton of new product offerings at great prices, as well as expanding to some new locations.

Our business has tripled in size over the past two years! Help us triple in size again by requesting info tdoay on a Lean Machine for your company!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

We REALLY want a Lean Machine! But Jim in accounting can't live without Dr. Pepper!

Fear not Jim in accounting! We'll make an exception just for you! After all; "the customer is always right." Right? Right!

In the past we've actually turned down great locations in order to stay true to our healthy principles! Good for us! Sticking to our guns, eh? Well no...not really. Those great locations just went to some other vendor, which meant the people who wanted the healthy stuff in the first place probably weren't getting it, and we certainly weren't getting their business! It was kind of a lose-lose situation.

So, for better or for worse, those days are over! Instead of giving up great locations that really want a healthy vending machine, just because a few folks demand "junk food", we've decided to compromise. We now offer all the standard "junk food" as an option for locations that specifically request it, in addition to all of the same good stuff you'd find in a "regular" Lean Machine. This way you can keep Jim in accounting happy, while the rest of the office has a whole host of healthy, nutritious snacks to choose from! It's a win-win!!!

Vending machines for crows? Interesting...

Just for the record, we do not currently offer vending machines for crows. Either way, this is an interesting video.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Products We Carry

Wow, where do we even start? We work with several great suppliers who can get just about any product you'd like! As long as it sells and it's healthy, we'll be happy to track down the exact product you want and carry it in your machine!

Here's a partial list of some of our favorite products!

* Odwalla Fruit Juices
* KIND Fruit and Nut Bars
* Honest Tea
* Clif and Luna Bars
* Stacy's Pita Chips
* Pirate's Booty (Arrr!)
* Mrs. May's Trio Bars
* Yami Yogurt
* 5 Hour Energy
* Silk Soy Milk
* Organic Valley Milk
* Dasani Water
* IZZE Sparkling Fruit Juice
* Vitamin Water
* Gorge Delights Fruit Bars

If you have any suggestions or requests for great products, PLEASE let us know. We always love hearing customer feedback. Give us a call at (206) 395-VEND (8363) or contact us via our contact page! Hope to hear from you soon!

Which Lean Machine is right for you?

Most Popular Machine

     Our Most Popular Machine is stocked with all-around crowd pleasers and has something for everyone. We place a major emphasis on carrying unprocessed food like nuts, low-fat jerk, yogurt, organic milk, soy milk and fruit juices. On top of that, we research and taste-test all of our products to ensure you get the most delicious and nutritious snacks on earth! Other vendors, even those who claim to be "healthy", usually carry over-processed, artificially flavored, high-markup products that help line their own bottom line, and not much else. We carry only the highest-quality name-brand products and always keep our prices low!

     This machine is great for offices, medical facilities, airports, zoos, churches or just about anywhere!

SB-19 Kid's Machine

     This machine is designed especially for K-12 schools. All of the products comply with SB-19 nutritional requirements set by the State of California, but which have been adopted by many school districts. Of course, we understand that kids won't eat healthier food if it doesn't appeal to them, so we provide plenty of good, nutritious stuff with "kid friendly" packaging. We will be happy to work within your own school, or school district guidelines in terms of nutritional requirements, ingredients and product line-up!

Highschool/College Machine

     Depending upon your individual requirements, this machine will likely be very similar to the Most Popular Machine, with something for every taste. Depending upon your needs, we may include products that appeal more to the "young" adult crowd, but which never compromise our commitment to offer only healthy products. These may include low-sugar "alternative" energy drinks, microwavable meals and beef jerky!

Sports Nutrition Machine

     We realize that gyms and health clubs will likely have very specific product requirements. We will be more than happy to work with you to carry exactly the product and brand you need. From pre or post-workout supplements, to MRP's and protein shakes, we've got you covered!

Choose-Your-Own Machine

     Of course, we'll always be happy to work with you on product selection, but if you have special requirements that you'd like us to address, we can create a custom plan-o-gram especially for you. Maybe you'd like to have an all-vegetarian/vegan machine or more gluten-free or sodium-free products. Whatever your needs are, we'll be happy to work with you to create your own Lean Machine!

     If you'd like more information or have any questions at all, please give us a call at (206) 395-VEND (8363) or contact us via our contact page! Hope to hear from you soon!

Monday, November 8, 2010

After a year of grueling graphic design and web coding...

The Lean Machines Healthy Vending website is ready for initial launch! Please check it out and let us know what you think! Thanks fellas!

In other news, we've got all our federal, state and local licensing taken care of, wholesale accounts set-up and will be placing a machine for our first lucky client this month!!! Woooo!!! I'm excited!!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our Promise To You!

We Promise To...

Provide top notch service

     Lean Machines Healthy Vending is a relatively new company that is 110% dedicated to proving ourselves and showing that we mean business! We will go above and beyond to provide you with the best vending service in the industry. If you are unhappy with your current vending service provider, or just want an extra degree of professional courtesy, please contact us about installing a Lean Machine at your office or workplace!

Use new, high-tech machines

     I'm personally a total tech geek. I want the newest stuff with all the bells and whistles, so hopefully you do too! Our vendors are the best on the market! We use the newest model USI combo snack/drink machines loaded with high-tech features such as infra-red laser delivery assurance sensors from iVend, credit card readers and even remote inventory and diagnostics monitoring systems!

Support local businesses

     Whenever possible we sell local products, made from local produce, purchased through local wholesalers. We sincerely believe in giving back to our community and helping the neighbors who help us! That said, we carry delicious products made outside the Northwest as well, but we are always striving to find great stuff here at home!

Keep prices low

      We realize that healthier food is not always as cheap as candy and soda. This is usually because candy and soda use modified "fake" sugars, fats and artificial flavors and chemicals such as MSG in the place of real, high-quality ingredients that simply taste good on their own. Despite this, we do everything we can to keep our prices low and comparable to what you'd find at supermarkets and convenience stores.

Sell only healthy products

      Our name is Lean Machines Healthy Vending for a reason. We are dedicated to offering healthier choices and great alternatives to traditional candy machines. Even the potato chips we carry are low-calorie, low-fat and free of artificial flavors, trans fats, GMO's and gluten.

Improve our community

     No, we haven't gotten too big for our britches...we realize that we are just a little vending company and we can't make a huge difference, but that won't stop us from trying! Whenever we can buy from local producers, partner with local companies, donate time or money to local charities or give back to our community in any way, we will!

Use "green" technology

     Speaking of giving back to our community, from energy efficient vending machines to recycled paper for our promotional material, we try to keep it "green" whenever possible! We are currently in the process of retro-fitting all of our machines with energy-efficient LED lighting!